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aluminum gas tank
aluminum gas tank
aluminum tank
PCS aluminum fuel storage tank, 2' x 3' no baffles
Custom Metal Fabrication
PCS Performance is a metal fabrication shop located in Gray, Maine.  We specialize in one-off, custom ideas that no one else will tackle.
No design is too extreme, no idea too wild.  If you can dream it, we can build it!
PCS custom designed and fabriated aluminum intake for Volkswagon (proprietary design, not for sale)
Volkswagon van oil pan.  Designed and built by PCS  (proprietary design, not for sale)
Volkswagon van exhaust (proprietary design, not for sale)
diesel stack
diesel stack
PCS Diesel Stacks

straight or twisted in powdercoated steel or stainless
PCS stainless exhaust
stainless exhaust
aluminum cooler doors
stainless carts
soccer goals
aluminum specialty trailer for vendor display
pop up building